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Bobby has being forking for Scott a little over 2 year now, and he’s always noticed the strange looks that he’s been giving him. It all became clear one day when Scott invited him over to discuss business over dinner. It was clear Scott was trying to make him drunk and kept making moves on him. Surprisingly, Bobby accepts the game and he starts sucking his boss off in no time.

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It’s another day and another tight white ass torn apart by the magical tool of Castro Supreme. Castro is chilling out in the backyard where he meets his next partner Conor. When he takes his pants off and shows the hard crooked giant in all its glory, Conor can’t stop staring at the biggest ass destroying tool he ever laid his eyes on.

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Roy was out cruising for someone who will give him at least nine inches of hard love in the ass. Someone who will ride him like a little bitch and make him beg for more. Luckily, he ran into his old flame Rupert, and it didn’t take him long to convince him to take him on another ride for all time’s sake. Rupert moans with pleasure as Roy gets down on him, making him remember all the times he ejaculated into his little mouth or got his face all sticky.

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This cock hungry college boy can’t get satisfied with only one cock up his ass. He loves being sandwiched by his two classmates, and that’s what they do every Tuesday after classes. Erik gets them all rock hard as he sucks them off, and even manages to get both of their dicks in his big mouth at once! After they mouthfuck him properly, his ass is next in line.

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Tom and Bill decided to spend yet another Saturday evening at home, locking the door and banging till the sun comes out. Bill admitted to Tom that he can’t wait for him to shoot his load in his mouth, and that his cum tastes really great. Tom takes his cock out of his pants and lets Bill wrap his big lips around it and start sucking it from the tip to the balls.

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Tan couldn’t have dreamed about how this day was gonna end for him. He was just waiting for an elevator, when a boy he never met before approached him. Turns out that Somjit just moved here and he goes to the same school as Tan. Tan can’t believe that someone so hot is gonna be his new neighbor.

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Two young gay lovers decided to take a hot shower together, so they quickly took their clothes off and jumped in. The sight of their firm young bodies wet from water was so exciting, they couldn’t help themselves running their hands all over each others bodies.

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It was Friday night but Bhu was home alone. He felt so depressed sitting there by himself with no one to talk to. Then he remembered his two friends who said they’re gonna be in town for the weekend. He quickly gave them a call and invited them to dinner. The boys showed up, happy to reunite with their old friend.

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After spending an afternoon at the movies, three teen flatmates return home. The movie wasn’t really as good as they expected, so they are feeling a bit down and disappointed. One of them has an idea how to cheer everyone up. He suggests they all head to the bedroom and have some fuck with each other. The others don’t seem to mind, so they follow him, taking their clothes off.

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It took years for Stan to admit himself he had the hots for his stepbrother Erik. After all that time, he finally got Erik over for some drinks, and they were talking about their teen days reminiscing all the funny memories. Erik tells a story about how he walked on Stan while he was jacking off to some gay porn, and admitted feeling confused and aroused at the same time to the sight of his erect cock.

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